1.Semiconductor process technology

From feature phones to smartphones to supercomputers, as the range of applications continues to increase, the semiconductor industry is booming and its process technology is rapidly increasing. However, how to improve the process, the semiconductor process is inseparable from the use of hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide solution, hydrogen peroxide solution, and various high-purity chemicals such as ethanol and acetone.

2.High purity chemical conveying system material requirements

These high-purity chemicals are highly corrosive and must be selected for materials with corrosion resistance in the choice of materials for their conveyor systems. PVDF has been selected for its excellent physicochemical properties. It is resistant to acids and alkalis, resistant to various organic solvents, corrosion resistant, and does not contaminate media. It is considered an ideal material for chemical delivery systems in semiconductor processes.

3.Characteristics of PVDF material

Relative density: 1.76 23 ° C

Molecular weight: 825000

Purity: ≥99.5%

Water content: 0.09%

Thermal decomposition temperature: 382~393°C

Melting point: 165~170°C

Viscosity: >3500

Solubility: clear and transparent without impurities

Corrosion resistance: Significant corrosion resistance is exhibited for most inorganic and organic acids, oxidizing media, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, and chlorinated solvents.

5G semiconductor

 4.Characteristics of PVDF diaphragm valve

The diaphragm valve separates the cutoff from the valve body through the diaphragm and the liner to prevent corrosion of the valve body.


  1. Corrosion resistant, because the lining material is PFA, it has good chemical resistance.
  2. Flows to a smooth, no dead angle, the medium will not deposit in the valve and mold and deteriorate, and it is easy to rinse. The flowing medium will not be stuck if it contains fiber particles.
  3. It is convenient to disassemble and repair. Under normal circumstances, the damaged component of the diaphragm valve is a diaphragm. When replacing the diaphragm, it is not necessary to remove the valve from the pipeline. Simply remove the valve cover and replace the diaphragm, which can be completed in a short time.
  4. For the transportation of high purity chemicals

5.CMP slurry delivery

In semiconductor CMP processes, PVDF pipe valve systems are available for components of the conveyor system. CMP, also known as chemical mechanical polishing, uniformly polishes silicon wafers to the required thickness and flatness. As a special chemical polishing liquid, a suspension formed by suspending tiny particles such as silica in a liquid, the supply system will continue to provide the chemical polishing liquid required for the process for the CMP. Once the delivery system is abnormal, it will be CMP. The process caused serious damage.

Therefore, the slurry delivery system requires strict selection of valve tubing.

The slurry has the property of being easy to crystallize. Once the crystal is formed at the seat seal, it will affect the closing function of the valve and cause leakage failure. Therefore, the PVDF diaphragm valve is designed with a diaphragm seal shape to form a double seal point, which can effectively control such faults.

6.Semiconductor wastewater treatment

After the semiconductor is finished, a large amount of discarded industrial water will be left behind. Can not be directly discharged, need to be concentrated treatment, through filtration, reverse osmosis, ion exchange, softening and other processes, after passing the test will not pollute the environment, can be unified discharge.

PVDF diaphragm valve for water filtration